Friday, April 30, 2010


be reckless with other peoples hearts. Dont put up with people who are reckless with yours" my arm is bruised to shit, i got punched in the face, i have a bite mark on my shoulder and my car stereo is fucked... thats wat you get for being nice.. didnt you know? being nice = being taken for a mug. i dont even know why im writing this like im just so fucking tired and over drama.. i hate people who do this and i even find it cringe but for some reason i just want to. dont really want anyone to read it but then again i must do.. - if i could add lyrics to that sunscreen song they would be like this.... dont waste ur time, ur money, ur opportunities on love. if at any point it goes wrong you will feel like half a person.. dont rely on ANYONE untill u know them like the back of your hand.. dont get me wrong im not in a sad mood or even running my mind over this shit. im going to amsterdam in like 4 hours and then to austria to finally see my 2 best friends that i havent seen for like 4 months.. if anything im HYPED! love is perminant and if at ANY point it doesnt feel like that. Its not love.. lame. heres a drawing i call it situation update. hahaha

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