Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sum of da fings i drew

"hello, its tom and ursie is with me and were looking at this drawing and thought we'd give you our thoughts.

We think this has the x factor. we think most people with half a clue will tell you 'oh, this is very david shrigley' and if too man...y people tell you that the magic which makes this so unique will gradually drain out of your work and you'll just make crap, shrigley rip offs like every other shoreditch twat who thinks he's cutting edge.

the rainbow ray is what makes it for us. its symaltaniously magic and wonderfully childish colouring in fun which gets you straight away. nice to see watercolour pencils back. If you havent already try looking at marc chagall or cy twombly.

to say your work is like david shrigley is an easy cop out for people who've done 2 years of a shit degree, you've got something of your very own, make it a language of your very own.x"


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